Sierra Environmental Consulting clandestine lab testing.

Clandestine Lab testing
Clandestine Lab chemicals in roomWith the use of Methamphetamines on the rise property contamination as a result of manufacturing and use is becoming more and more of a problem every day. Recently the State of California introduced legislation which outlines the requirements for Clandestine Laboratory site investigations, sampling, reporting and remediation.

Contamination of soil, septic systems, wells and building materials by clandestine laboratory activities can pose a significant health hazard to individual occupants, and the environment. Assessing the extent of potential contamination is a law and is extremely important to property owners who would like to re-occupy or sell their property. Local health departments require an assessment of property conditions following any disclosure of on-site clandestine laboratory activities.

Sierra Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc. conducts Preliminary Site Assessment Work Plans, Preliminary Site Assessments and post remediation assessments in accordance with all current State Regulations.

Clandestine Lab tools and chemicalsClandestine Lab assessment
Environmental Site Assessments (ESA Phase 1) include Physical and Regulatory Database background investigations in order to determine if ground or ground water chemical contamination has occurred or will potentially occur from prior or present uses.

All Phase ones are conducted in compliance with current ASTM Standards. Custom Assessments modeled after the ASTM Standards are also available.